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Public Keg Sales

  • By purchasing this keg you certify that this beer will not be resold and that you will not allow consumption of this beer by any person who is not of legal age (21 years).
  • For commercial/wholesale keg inquiries please email us at
  • Picking up Keg: It required by law that everyone with you at time of pickup is 21 years of age. 
  • Having Keg Shipped: It required by law that a person of legal age (21 years) sign for delivery. Shipping available in CA. Orders will ship on Wednesday.  Kegs will ship GLS ground non-refrigerated. Kegs are NOT included in any discounted shipping offers. 

Keg Equipment

  • No pouring equipment provided with kegs.
  • Kegs have a standard American Sanke-D coupler. Kegs are ~24" tall x 10" diam.
  • Kegs are disposable one-way kegs, unless noted otherwise in product description. No keg deposits on one-way kegs, stainless kegs will have refundable deposit. 

Size Information

  • 1/6 BBL KEG / 20L ONE-WAY* KEG: ~5.17 Gallons - Serves ~41 (16 oz). Shipping available in CA. ONE-WAY Kegs are recyclable, NO deposit required. 1/6 BBL Stainless kegs will be charged a $60 deposit. Deposits will be added to the order before it is shipped and/or picked up. 
  • 1/2 BBL KEG: ~15.5 Gallons - Serves ~124 (16 oz.) *$100 Keg Refundable Keg Deposit Required. Will be added to your order before pickup. Shipping not available. Pick-up Only . 

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