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Casa Agria Specialty Ales



Saison Sobrantes

Saison Sobrantes is a simple blend of fresh saison and mature oak-aged saison in the Biere de Coupage tradition. This is done to control the balance and increase the complexity in a beer making the some greater than its parts. This beer has been blended on a much smaller scale and served on draft in our tasting room in the past, usually when there was some leftover from primary fermentation after racking to barrel. Hence the name Sobrantes.

This farmhouse style ale is made up of two separate vintages of the same beer, our house saison appropriately named Saison de la Casa. 35 percent of the blend comes from mature foeder saison that we keep as a solera and 65 percent of the blend comes from fresh saison fermented to dryness over two weeks in stainless steel before blending where it was naturally conditioned in bottles and kegs.

Saison Sobrantes pours a deep hay color with dense creamy foam that slowly settles to a finger of head. Aroma is bright minerality, light malt breadiness, and a low brett funk. Flavor is refreshingly crisp, very light acidity and a soft round body that balances the dry finish. This beer would be a wonderful addition to any dinner table.

►750 ml. Bottle

► Alch. 6% by Volume

►Blend No. 1

►Bottled on 06-29-18

Suggested food parings► Very versatile, almost everything, rib-eye with black pepper, salmon steak, shrimp salad, sausage, pork chops, and Thai food.

Suggested cheese parings► Camembert, Colby, and Gorgonzola.